Anna Iurchenko
UX Designer at Stanfy

About Anna

Anna leads the design practice at Stanfy, a San Francisco-based software development firm. She is focused on helping companies create new experiences rooted in a deep understanding of user needs, behaviors and desires. She oversees the integration of user insights into the product development process and believes that the best products are created when both designers and engineers care about their users and know them (no, “really” know them).

Anna is a passionate visual thinker and sketchnoter and is interested in exploring how visual tools can empower and inspire team work. She always carries sticky notes and a sketchbook.

She is a contributor to several design blogs, a design mentor at the San Francisco-based accelerator Alchemist, a speaker at design conferences. And she also teaches workshops on sketching for designers and engineers.

Anna's talk:
Solve it. Don't just build it.

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