Fequently asked questions

1. Why am I paying VAT on the conference Registration Fee?
2. I have my own business/company and I come from an EU country different than Spain, why am I not eligible for the VAT reversed rule between EU countries?
3. Can VAT from tickets be recovered?

EU businesses/companies

EU businesses/companies are in principle eligible for VAT refund. EU companies must contact the Tax Administration of their own country for instructions regarding the conditions and process to follow for reclaiming the Spanish VAT. There are also minimum VAT amounts that must be met. You can download here a document with the contact details (updated April 2014) of the VAT Refund contact points in each EU country.

Non-EU companies

Business established outside the EU may have the right to recover VAT incurred in one of the 28 Member States if their country of origin has a reciprocity agreement with the specific EU country where VAT has been charged.

The terms and conditions of these reciprocity agreements often change. In order to receive the most up-to-date information about a possible existing agreement between the country where your business is established and Spain, please contact the Tax administration of your country.

4. Is the lunch included in the ticket?
The lunch is included for the two conference days.