How to create a killer remote team!

Do you have remote workers on your team? Do you manage a team with remote workers? If not, you will. Remote working has grown by 140% since 2005 and is said to rival fixed office locations by 2025. In most cases working with remote teams is relatively easy but for the Design industry, it can be a real challenge. There are many situations that can lead a remote team to low performance, poor communication, and low morale. How do you create a culture and create processes so remote teams actually excel and thrive - even become that killer team everyone wants to be a part of? With the complex process of building software and balancing the needs of ux, development, and Agile methodologies, with its highly collaborative and iterative nature. Often times building software requiring Designers to work closely with developers, stakeholders, and users in a collaborative way. Often times those “watercooler” or overheard conversations don’t happen and important details can be missed or overlooked. Not to mention establishing a solid culture of remote workers can be very challenging and difficult to do. Especially if you have a "squad" of multi-purpose teams. In this session, participants will leave with actionable techniques and ideas via direct experience managing a remote design, research, and development teams. Session attendees will learn ways to interact with remote workers. Ways to create a strong culture, rooted in collaboration and create processes that work specifically for remote multi-purpose and design teams. This session is imperative for anyone involved or managing remote teams.