Run Design Sprints and Become a Product Hero

Design Sprints are so hot right now! And for a good reason. If you don't know what the Design Sprint is, here's a quick intro: it's a framework that allows you to decide on a problem, generate solutions, prototype and test ideas in just 4 days. WHAT?!? Crazy, right? The Google-born methodology is a game changer for people working in the world of digital products. Designers, project managers, product practitioners and everyone in between love the Design Sprint, because it aligns teams, help bypass all the irrelevant meetings and gets you to your results super fast. In our day to day projects, we might feel we're not getting close to our goals. Like you're in a dark room trying to shoot a dart at a bullseye you can't see. Pretty tricky. Well, the Design Sprint is like a flashlight that helps you find the right direction. In this session we'll learn the why, how and what of Design Sprints. It's basically a crash course on how to get started with the methodology and become a product hero! You will get an overview of the Design Sprint, and ways to incorporate the methodology in your daily activities. Anyone at any level can leverage Design Sprints to their project benefit. You will learn: - What the Design Sprint is and when to use it - Why it exists and how it compares with other methodologies - What's the ROI for running a Design Sprint - How it the Design Sprint structured - How to get buy-in from stakeholders to run a Design Sprints - What happens before, during and after a Design Sprint